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With experience from over 100 successful implementations, we understand how to manage the complexity associated with e-commerce and omnichannel retail. Employing a structured project methodology provides you with confidence. To align with the industry's dynamics, our multi-month process is designed to be flexible, accommodating current changes in the framework. This is achieved through a blend of agile and traditional project methodologies, from which we have developed our own, industry-optimized project approach.

The project approach.


Vouchers, customer communication, delivery methods, ticket processing, payment methods, returns, and much more: Numerous parameters require meticulous attention and seamless integration. We understand the complexity of your business—and we can manage it.

1. Workshops


In this initial analysis phase, your processes and requirements are compared with the DiVA standard. This helps us identify the delta to estimate the project budget and duration.

2. Setup & Development


This phase involves setting up and implementing specific requirements within your system, migrating necessary data from legacy systems, and integrating third-party systems.

3. Training


Following the 'Train-the-Trainer' principle, our team will train key users in your departments so that they can independently conduct upcoming integration tests.

4. Testing


During integration tests, we simulate live operations. Using the core process matrix defined by you, containing key business transactions, we execute tests in an interactive system environment.

5. Cut-over & Go-live


Considering all involved systems and organizations, we collaboratively create a cut-over plan. This plan defines the chronological sequence of tasks and responsibilities, coordinating the on-site deployment of the MAC team.

6. Hyper-care & Get-well.


System stabilization and process optimization post Go-live are critical project components overseen by our experienced team. Live operations may present unforeseen errors or require short-term process adjustments, which our team is equipped to handle.





We accompany your change process.

Technically, organizationally and personally at your side.

Through the in-depth analysis of all business processes and the establishment of new processes, the introduction of DiVA becomes a change management process that requires a great deal of attention, support, precision and foresight. The focus is always on security and an introduction that is as close to the standard as possible, so that the project duration can be kept as short as possible.


»Implementing an ERP system during the COVID-19 pandemic posed a unique challenge, one that the project team brilliantly managed. Beyond the necessary expertise, the collaborative partnership on equal footing was a key factor in the success of this project.«


Viola Rebmann, Managing Director Horze

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