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Warehouse Structure


The warehouse structure set up in DiVA considers different storage areas such as main and reserve warehouses, replenishment, and picking areas, and can be organized as a chaotic warehouse with zone and storage location assignments. DiVA employs radio-controlled MDEs (Mobile Data Entry devices) in almost all process steps to access relevant data in real-time and simplify handling for users.

Incoming Goods


Depending on the warehouse structure, you can choose between a one- or two-stage process. In any case, DiVA guarantees fast and accurate receipt of goods, including allocation to previous supplier orders. Outstanding customer orders can be picked directly from incoming goods quickly and in a customer-friendly manner. Upon request, you'll receive automated suggestions for placement in a chaotic warehouse structure.

Order Picking


Pick in a one- or two-stage process, using trolleys, trays, or boxes, or utilizing a sorting shelf—depending on your warehouse conditions, with picker labels, invoices, or MDEs. An essential key to success is timely and accurate replenishment for the upcoming picking series, allowing for quick and optimized picking of customer orders.



During shipping, scanner-based outbound checks at the packing station help avoid unnecessary returns. Additionally, it's possible to determine the optimal box size and the most cost-effective carrier. Major carriers such as DHL, DPD, and Hermes are already fully integrated into the system, eliminating the need for additional middleware. In DiVA logistics, 24-hour or same-day delivery is as standard as international shipping.

»The flexibility and adaptability of the MAC solution DiVA have allowed us to dynamically adjust our IT platform to the evolving market for over 10 years. We've built a trusting collaboration with MAC employees, enabling us to successfully tackle various new challenges within ambitious timeframes.«


Gero Furchheim, Board member, Cairo

»In warehouse processes, attention to detail in every small step is crucial. Since every warehouse is unique, we continuously collaborate with our customers to discover and implement the maximum optimization potential specific to their warehouse situation. This makes it seamlessly possible to ship several thousand or tens of thousands of orders per day using DiVA.«


Dirk Petersen, Geschäftsführer und Chief Technology Officer at MAC

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