DiVA. The one and only.

The enterprise software for successful e-commerce.

DiVA. The comprehensive solution.


Varied assortment, drop shipping, increased revenue, flexible sets, multimedia presence—DiVA makes it possible!



Your recipe for success: campaigns, scoring, performance measurement, vouchers, selection. Boost your sales with precision and efficiency!



Efficient disposition, error-free master data, supplier management, order processing, and precise control. Your supply chain, perfectly managed!



Omnichannel power for your success! Webshops, stores, global distribution, catalogs, customer service—all seamlessly integrated and efficiently managed.



Optimized warehouse structure, efficient picking, swift goods receipt, smooth shipping. Warehouse logistics at its finest!


Financial Accounting

Secure financial accounting, convenient payment processing, efficient debtor and reminder management. Trust in precision and convenience!


»With DiVA, we now have an ERP system that optimally supports our growth, including internationally, enables scalability in day-to-day operations and during seasonal peaks, and provides us with business flexibility. We have set the stage for the future, allowing us to elevate our company to the next level.«


Ales Drabek, CIO at Lampenwelt

Embracing the future of online commerce with DiVA.

This is how you meet the high expectations of your customers.

Continuous Development.

DiVA is implemented as standard software and is continuously developed with a roadmap and release planning. This solution encompasses configurable requirements from over 100 e-commerce and omnichannel retailers. This keeps DiVA at the forefront of technical advancements and allows it to flexibly adapt to the evolving market needs.


Grow with your IT landscape: unlimited product and customer master data, 500 live users on the system, handling up to 50,000 shipments per day. DiVA supports your growth, seamlessly meeting all demands, especially during specific situations such as the Black Week.

Multi-shop, Multi-tenant, Multi-label.

An essential aspect is DiVA's capability in multi-tenancy and multi-label operations. It allows you to depict different sales and purchasing tenants on a single platform, served from either a central or multiple logistics centers (both internal and external). This approach maintains visibility and control over various sales channels and brands.

Customer Service Across All Channels.

This is the key to successful customer relationships: when all processes align, and your customers can access the same service across all channels, they feel well taken care of. In an era of high willingness to switch providers, this becomes a critical competitive advantage.

Unified Data Foundation.

With DiVA, all stakeholders access the same data foundation—eliminating redundancies and discrepancies. This benefits all business segments, from marketing to customer service to the accounts receivable team.

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Dirk Hagemann

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