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The digital backend for e-commerce and omnichannel commerce.

Specializing in e-commerce and omnichannel commerce, MAC keeps pace with the dynamics and complexity of online trade and sets benchmarks with DiVA for ERP and CRM systems in this industry. Complemented by our IT services, a holistic digital backend emerges.


For over 20 years, MAC has focused on the functionality of commercial worlds. Based on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, we build optimally coordinated building blocks into scalable business environments that guarantee stable and reliable success in the future. Our membership in the collana IT Group enhances the value for our customers.


E-Commerce Software

DiVA. The enterprise software for e-commerce.


DiVA, with its headless e-commerce architecture, offers all the functionalities needed for successful omnichannel commerce. DiVA integrates all functionalities for successful e-commerce:

High-quality item data

All information regarding the item can be maintained in DiVA.

Relevant data and characteristics are provided for the various distribution channels.

Targeted Marketing


DiVA effectively launches your marketing efforts across channels. Plan and analyze your campaigns and activities, and measure success in real time.

Optimized Purchasing Processes


With DiVA, you can manage the entire procurement process and perfectly balance the quantities in the warehouse. This helps you avoid both supply shortages and excess inventory.

Customer-Centric Sales


A customer-oriented and flexible sales approach with DiVA focuses on customer requirements, quickly responds to market developments, and always selects the appropriate sales channel.

Efficient Logistics Processes


With DiVA, you optimize logistics along the process chain by tightly integrating logistics processes with the ERP system and appropriate workflows.

Transparent Financial Management


The fully integrated financial accounting provides a real-time overview of your business at all times. Accurate data gives you confidence in your investment decisions.

Why MAC IT-Solutions?

Target-oriented project approach.

Whatever you aim to achieve: With a structured project methodology, we guide you towards your goal.

Long-term partnerships.

We accompany your success story as a reliable partner – this is also evidenced by our references from more than 20 years.

Future proof technology.

We use the cloud-based platforms from Microsoft as our technological basis, which are continuously being developed further.

Numbers that count.


years of successful representation in online commerce.


German retail companies among the top 200 are supported by MAC IT-Solutions.

2,3 Mio

orders are processed through DiVA during Black Week.

DiVA successfully in use.

Long-term partnerships in e-commerce.

The minds behind your success.

Four executives, one goal: setting new standards!

United in strength: Our four-member executive team, consisting of CTO Dirk Petersen, CCO Aida Dia, CMO Nicole Wehner, and CEO Jörn Fischer, combines years of expertise in e-commerce, omnichannel and IT. This collective experience enables us to develop innovative solutions and further expand our position as industry leaders. Our goal: to continue setting new standards in the ERP sector for your success!

About us

Good questions.

Our answers.

What is DiVA?

DiVA is a fully integrated and highly automated ERP system for e-commerce and omnichannel commerce based on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central (BC). As a cloud platform, we rely on Microsoft Azure.

For which industries is DiVA suitable?

Our focus is 100 percent on one industry: e-commerce and omnichannel commerce in the DACH region (Germany, Austria, and Switzerland). For over 20 years, we have been intimately familiar with the enormous dynamics and complexity of online commerce as focused specialists and are also very knowledgeable about the needs of retailers.

Is DiVA only usable for webshops?

No. DiVA is designed as an omnichannel ERP backend and supports the integration of all sales channels such as webshops, marketplaces, physical stores, mobile applications, telephone sales, and catalogs or newsletters as purchasing triggers.

How many orders can DiVA process?

DiVA can easily handle more than 50,000 customer orders per day in real operation, making it an ideal choice for businesses that expect a high volume of orders during peak times like Black Week.

Can DiVA be integrated into existing system environments?

Yes. DiVA standardly meets the requirements of over 50 of the top 500 German brands and can be used as a standalone platform for all CRM, PIM, or WMS processes. However, there can be individual specificities where other solutions are more sensible. Therefore, DiVA is not set up as a monolithic system but also offers integration possibilities with other CRM, WMS, or PIM systems.

Do you have questions about our e-commerce solution?

We are happy to advise you personally.

Nicole Wehner

Manager (CMO)