DiVA for successful procurement.

Optimizing inventory and delivery readiness.

Delight with high delivery capability.

The right goods, at the right time, in the right place.



The disposition procedure in DiVA allows you to largely automate the determination of demand for each of your assortments. In addition to planned and historical sales figures, it identifies discrepancies, seasonal fluctuations, expected returns, safety and replenishment lead times. It also takes into account the varying delivery times from suppliers.

Supplier Management


The connection with suppliers can be established conventionally via email, for larger suppliers through EDI integration, or via our web-based supplier portal. From disposition to grid class determination to identify your fast and slow-moving items, right through to displaying relevant data at every stage of the process, DiVA assists in managing your inventory effectively.

Master Data


An efficient procurement system relies on accurate data. To simplify your work, DiVA offers various convenience features: data import for suppliers, mass data modification, parameter-driven price adjustments, data synchronization across multiple clients, and support through mandatory field checks and default values for new entries.

Order Processing


Orders can be transmitted comfortably, considering minimum quantities, delivery units, multiple suppliers per item, contracts, and delivery terms, through various forms of supplier integration. External web access by buyers enables the on-site capture of new items and pre-order placements during acquisition situations.



DiVA aids in monitoring delivery times, prompting suppliers, and final invoice verification, ensuring your readiness to provide information at any time. Here, the seamless integration with CRM comes into play – as end customers are automatically notified in case of delivery delays from the supplier for backordered items.

»In der Coronazeit ein ERP-System einzuführen war eine besondere Herausforderung, die das Projektteam hervorragend gemeistert hat. Neben dem notwendigen fachlichen Know-how war das partnerschaftliche Miteinander auf Augenhöhe ein Erfolgsgarant für dieses Projekt.«


Viola Rebmann, Geschäftsführerin Horze

»Through the fully integrated supplier portal, the electronic connection of numerous smaller suppliers is also possible. From providing data to complete mapping of the end customer business, including delivery and invoicing papers, as well as feedback on shipped goods, the supplier portal enables seamless supplier management. Want to offer your customers 24-hour delivery even with dropshipping? DiVA makes that possible!«


Dirk Petersen, Geschäftsführer und Chief Technology Officer at MAC

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