DiVA for impactful sales.

Well-positioned online and at the point of sale.

DiVA is the omnichannel all-rounder for your smart business.

Efficiently bring together all channels, APIs, and customer information.

Omnichannel sales


DiVA is designed as an omnichannel ERP backend, supporting the integration of all sales channels such as webshops, marketplaces, stores, mobile applications, phone sales, catalogs, or newsletters. Cross-channel features like Click & Collect or Click & Reserve are also implemented. Moreover, all touchpoints online can access the fully integrated voucher management within DiVA.

International distribution


For your international expansion, DiVA meets all requirements for multilingualism and multi-currency capabilities, as well as multi-tenant and multi-label capabilities. The multi-tenant concept supports various sales and procurement tenants, which can then be serviced either from a central logistics center or from multiple logistics centers (internal and external).



Seamless online integration of all common shop systems is a given for us. With the provision of numerous APIs, every shop can be integrated into DiVA in a short time, ready to handle customer, item, and order data, including payment handling.



With DiVA, you can easily manage your catalog planning and administration. Decide which items will be advertised in the catalog at what prices. Define page shares and allocate marketing costs. You can access historical and planned data, define numerous individual target groups, and retrospectively evaluate the success of each advertising material.



Alongside a fully integrated POS solution, we provide advisor apps for customer consultation in the branch. These apps allow for direct viewing of items, order assembly, or scheduling new appointments during customer conversations. This way, all actions within the branch can be directly attributed to the respective end customers, aiding in future marketing decisions.

Customer Support


Your customer service team has a comprehensive view of all information about the end customers at a glance, enabling them to provide comprehensive advice. All orders, deliveries, shipments, marketing-related scoring information, and categorizations into customer groups help in specifically and appropriately assisting your end customers. Thanks to CTI integration and the very convenient customer search, all information is directly accessible.

»The goal is to provide LLOYD customers, regardless of the chosen channel, with an optimal and consistent shopping experience. This marks a significant milestone in digital development and the rapid pace of shopping behavior.«


Andreas Schaller, Managing Director, LLOYD Shoes

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Dirk Hagemann

Sales Manager