DiVA for effective marketing.

Campaign management from newsletters to
coupon administration.

Increase your revenue.

With DiVA, you plan, analyze, and monitor your advertising campaigns.

Campaign Management


With DiVA promotional codes, you can plan your campaigns, draw insights from past similar actions, and measure the success of your specific marketing initiatives in real time. Essentially, each item can be offered in various campaigns at different terms for defined customer segments or target groups.

Coupon Management


With the coupon management feature, you can generate various types of vouchers in DiVA at any time: vouchers with fixed amounts, discounts, expiration dates, as well as based on item categories or sales. The integrated omnichannel approach enables cross-channel voucher handling.



Using the flexibly defined RFMR (Recency, Frequency, Monetary, and Returns) scoring method, you can categorize your customers into groups that dynamically adapt based on customer behavior. You can assign points for order frequency, order values, returns, reminders, and much more. Thanks to the historical tracking of all data, you have insight into the customer lifecycles of your customers.



A campaign for everyone or just specific target groups? Using selection criteria, you can automate inserts or mailings, for example. Free selection grants you access to all tables and fields in your database, enabling workflow control. For instance, the selection result can be used for order checks, logistics prioritization (VIPs first), or newsletter distribution.

Performance Monitoring


You can measure the success of your campaigns at any time as each advertising action is directly linked to the customer account. This allows for attributing advertising costs and determining the contribution margin of each customer. This ensures that your marketing initiatives are genuinely effective.

»The project was carried out by the involved parties with high priority and considerable effort within a very tight timeframe. Thanks to mutual appreciation, we were able to find constructive ways in every situation to bring the project to completion. Today, DiVA stands as the central IT hub for all company processes, positioning us for the future.«


Marcus Anton, CEO Goldner

»Managing vouchers may seem straightforward at first glance. But as often happens, the devil is in the details. In this case, consider special scenarios: What happens when multiple voucher codes are redeemed for a single order? What should be taken into account if parts of an order are returned, potentially no longer meeting the voucher conditions (e.g., a 10% discount voucher for purchases over 75 euros)? The more creative your marketing ideas, the more crucial it is for the technological platform to build a clean database: to delight customers and also support your business success.«


Jens Milanese, Senior Solution Architect at MAC

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