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The deciding factor when implementing new commercial software is the realisation and control of the introduction into existing set-ups. We are very conscious that this is a little like open heart surgery, as CRM and ERP systems are at the core of your business. We number many well-known mail order and on-line sellers amongst our clients, amongst them 11 of the German top 100. Some of them have been with us for more than 20 years - longer than the average duration of a marriage!

We want to work as trusted partners with our clients, building relationships that last. So right from the Go, you can expect:


Honesty, commitment and sustainability.

»When we go into a project, we always work in tandem with our clients and their staff right from the start, focusing on the goals we want to reach together. The most important thing to us is an open and honest partnership in which both sides can be comfortable and trust each other.«

Projekt method.

Building joint projects.


You can expect us to be straight with you right from the start, giving you our honest view of whether and how your expectations can be met.


We will not promise you a 'blue sky' solution, but support you with reasonable and valid advice. The entire implementation process, which usually lasts several months, will be transparent and clear. Your requirements will be chunked down into working steps and progress is constantly and comprehensibly communicated to you.


It is rare that the IT manager gets a good night's sleep right before going live with a new solution, but you can be certain that we will demonstrably deliver your implementation within budget, deadline and quality targets. And this applies to any client, whether small, medium or large - we have hands-on experience of migrating several top 100 mail order businesses as well.


»In order to manage to implementation of your IT platform effectively, we combine classic and dynamic elements in our well-tried project method. This gives us the options needed to react appropriately in every project scenario and find the best solution for every problem together with you.«

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