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DiVA POS – Fully integrated cash register solution to manage your branch business.


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What is a POS system?


POS systems are generally about payment functions in a branch. The customer should be provided with multiple payment options (e.g. debit cards, credit cards, vouchers or foreign currencies).

What is special about omni-channel POS systems?


An omnichannel POS requires a clean data basis in the backend. This includes DiVAERP and DiVACRM. All customer data in the backend systems can be used in the branches. System-wise this provides the preconditions to be successful with an omni-channel customer service concept. The central branch management can even control campaigns or vouchers. Setting are available per branch or cash register, and special branch ranges can also display local item features and ranges.

How does an omni-channel POS system help me in practice?


DiVAPOS helps you to implement your real omnichannel strategy

You can plan and manage crosschannel marketing campaigns like vouchers with the integrated system. A central voucher file in DiVAERP controls redeeming vouchers in the branch or online, which prevents fraud.

Identifying customers in the branch provides a seamless shopping experience and the customer can profit from discounts and other service options. Integration of customer accounts allows for payment per credit or balancing open invoices directly in the branch

The cockpit functions and the dashboard provide information to control the entire retail business from one source, enabling you to make right decisions about branch-specific ranges, relocations or campaigns.

More information about DiVA POS


»Find all data from your branches with DiVAPOS combined and integrated in the central ERP.  This provides all preconditions to not only manage the channel branch separately but also implement real customer friendly omni-channel concepts.«

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