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DiVACRM seamlessly integrates in the DiVAERP processes. The complete integration in the ERP allows the user to enter all data at once and directly access customers and by this initiate target group specific, marketing driven actions.Conditions are provided for optimal and – despite an automated system – personal communication with customers. The system is designed for hybrid senders, i.e. for simultaneously displaying B2C and B2B business.

What is a CRM-System?


A CRM system controls the processes of customer relations management. During live operations, this includes all functionalities concerning sales, marketing and customer service as well as the corresponding history of customer activities.

What is special about e-commerce CRM systems?


Dovetailing of ERP and CRM is key to success for all of our clients. The complete integration in the database structure of the ERP software leads to high data consistency and of course quality, because both systems access the same real data online.

This is key to a successful customer relationship: Only if all processes come together as a unit and your customers can have the same service via all channels, they will feel completely safe. In these times of price search engines, shopping portals and high willingness to change providers, this is an important competitive advantage.

How does an e-commerce CRM system help me in practice?


DiVACRM offers a number of helpful functionalities – specially designed for e-commerce and omni-channel trade: starting with address validation and duplicate checks, via credit checks, rfmr methods, modern communication and CTI integration to scoring-based customer classification and campaign control.

Each contact with a customer is directly saved in the database regardless of the sales channel – starting with orders, shipments, invoices, and reminders, credit checks, via emails sent directly from the system to requests via phone or follow-ups. This helps create targeted marketing campaigns, selections and customer service actions.

In addition, all issues, returns or requests are managed in the integrated ticket system.

The system is technically equipped to handle mass data of multiple million customers.

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»Seamless integration of our CRM module in DiVAERP or DiVAOMS module allows you to view your customers as a whole and creates high-class customer service with the integrated communication possibilities.«

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