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Managing cross-channel marketing.


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Planning initiatives and campaigns, birthday vouchers, early bird specials, happy hours, invite-a-friend, loyalty programmes, targeted newsletters, in-parcel leaflets or even good old print media:  Marketing is the creative heart of your company, driving sales volumes and customer loyalty, reflecting the success of your business to the outside world. In order to maximise the benefits, your IT system needs to be an enabler rather than a limitation for creative ideas.

Benefit from well-designed processes and modules.

Managing campaigns and special offers.


To give your ideas the best possible start, DiVA works with campaign codes, enabling you to draw on past insights from similar initiatives, plan the next move and measure the success of your campaign in real time. Campaigns may be multilevel and crosschannel, DiVA can handle it:  newsletters, catalogues, market places and webshops with their affiliates.


Today's on-line sales rely heavily on vouchers. DiVA coordinates your campaigns across all channels. Voucher administration gets the incentive straight to your customer and prevents misuse. You decide how gift and value vouchers are used - in terms of number, occasion and selection details (payment method, product category, brand, etc.), use absolute values or percentages, or permit the combination of different vouchers for one order:  DiVA automatically takes care of the whole accounting process, including any returns.



Classify your customers with self-defined score cards. RFMR scoring is flexible and allows you to classify your customers in categories that adapt dynamically to each customer's behaviour through time. You can award points for order frequency, date last order was placed, marketing costs, order value, returns, reminders and many more. The complete customer history will show you their current buying behaviour as well as their journey along the customer lifecycle, enabling you to tailor your communications for maximum relevance.

Selektion - Target group marketing


A campaign for everyone or only for specific segments?  Base your decisions on better information drawn from a success monitor based on cross-database selections. You can manage parcel inserts or catalogue despatch automatically via selection. The selection module offers you the flexibility to select data conditionally dependent on other data sets, and then to process that data. This enables workflow management: the result of your selection can be used to validate orders (high risk shopping cart or fraudulent address), release them to logistics (VIPs first) or for sending newsletters.

Controlling marketing success. .


Customer recruitment or reactivation of existing accounts?  You choose. Importing new address records or selecting from the DiVA database, measuring impact in real terms as every touch point is logged on the customer account. This also means you can allocate marketing costs and monitor ROI on an individual basis. With full access to historical data, you can see not only the current buying behaviour of a specific customer, but also the development of his lifecycle, informing your approach to making the most of the relationship. You can even preselect which leaflets or catalogues will be sent to which type of customer.

»Voucher management sounds simple but the devil is in the detail, in the exceptions from the rule:  Multiple voucher redemption for one order?  Impact of returns on the validity of the voucher offer (if a 10% reduction applies to offers over a certain value, for example, but the return pushes the order below that)? The more creative you get, the more you rely on a technology platform that can provide you with a clean database - delighting the customer and supporting your success as a business.«

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