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DiVA – The ERP system for e-commerce and omni-channel.

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Customer expectations around e-commerce and omni-channel grow all the time, making your business increasingly complex. This, in turn, puts pressure on the back end IT which has to deliver what you need to meet these challenges. DiVA is the solution for anyone who wants to be a leader in their market - today and in future. The advantages to different parts of your business are illustrated on the following pages. Let your specialized departments take a look. We'd also love the opportunity to talk to you in person about the many other things DiVA can do for you.

The process behind the order.

The process behind the order.

The process behind the order.

This is where it all begins: using his PC, tablet or smartphone, the customer searches your webshop and orders the desired product on-line then and there.


ERP processes within e-commerce and omni-channel have to handle high volumes of core data and transactional information. A seamless integration of all your processes, including a high degree of automation, is achieved through detailed calibration. This enables the system to mirror your business processes largely automatically.

  • Finance

    Our fully integrated, independently quality controlled and certified accounting package by Microsoft Dynamics NAV, delivered through DiVA, gives you a comprehensive overview of your business in real time, any time.

  • Supply Chain
    Supply Chain

    The right amount of the right goods, in the right place at the right time: DiVA helps you reach those essential targets. Delight your customers with excellent availability and still avoid holding excess stock and tying up capital unnecessarily.

  • Producr range
    Producr range

    Managing your product range, item master maintenance, content and pricing information, sell-by dates and batch numbers. Clothing with styles and variables, consumer electronics with serial numbers or food items - our processes are designed to cope with a broad range of product types, including fully integrated drop shipment functionality.


Dove-tailing ERP and CRM is the key to success for man of our clients. Address validation, B2B or B2C focus, communication solutions like Chat and integrated CTI, as well as customer classifications based on scoring and managing marketing activities.

  • Marketing

    Planning initiatives and campaigns, birthday vouchers, early bird specials, happy hours, invite-a-friend, loyalty programmes, targeted newsletters, in-parcel leaflets or even good old print media: Marketing is the creative heart of your company.

  • Order management
    Order management

    Processing orders from being placed in the shop, through to logistics and payment, with reliable and efficient checking routines is mandatory. The cherry on top is outstanding customer service with personal and relevant communication. In the times of Google, Amazon and on-line price comparison sites, this makes the customer choose you.

  • Customer service
    Customer service

    In the times of Google, Amazon and price comparison shopping sites, excellent service is a prime selection driver for your customers' buying decisions. DiVA helps you to win over customers through relevant and personal communications. Score points with competent and fast query resolution over the phone, and proactive information via newsletter and service mails. Intelligent features help you maintain an overview of your business: you will keep control of all customer orders and requests to be processed, as well as the specific information on every individual customer.


24-hour or same-day deliveries, fulfilment management with automatic replenishment, and the direct link to parcel carriers - and all of it with the highest possible degree of optimisation and automation.

  • Logistics

    ERP processes within e-commerce and omni-channel have to handle high volumes of core data and transactional information. A seamless integration of all your processes, including a high degree of automation, is achieved through detailed calibration. This enables the system to mirror your business processes largely automatically.

  • Fulfillment

    Scanner-supported exit controls at the packing table lead to increased customer satisfaction and avoid unnecessary returns. This includes optimised packaging and determining the most cost effective shipping solution. The biggest carriers like DHL, DPD and Hermes are already integrated into the system, making any further middle-ware unnecessary. DiVA is also fully enabled to cope with the international side of your business.

  • Warehousing structure
    Warehousing structure

    The storage structure within DiVA accounts for different warehousing areas like main and reserve storage, replenishing and fulfilment, and can function as chaotic storage with zone and storage area allocations. DiVA uses radio-controlled MDC for almost every step in the process to enable real-time data access for improved usability. Successfully validated customer orders are available minutes after release by the ERP system for further logistic processing in the webshop or call centre. Now the right balance between customer service and profit optimisation has to be found.

Your product is on its way to the customers.

The parcel carrier delivers the order.

Adapting to change!

As a specialist focussed entirely on e-commerce and omni-channel, we are truly in tune with the dynamic evolution and complexity of your business. We keep a close eye on markets and technologies and constantly re-evaluate and improve our solutions, processes and ways of working. This is the solid foundation for our solutions - which help you stay ahead. Stability, flexibility and performance delivery have made our solutions the benchmark of the sector. In the face of constant change, we emphasise the releasability of our IT systems: you just have to make the right choice once - and you're set for the future. It comes as no suprise that so many customers have been trusting us and our solutions for so many years. Leaders in the sector like dress-for-less and babymarkt.de could realise above average growth and international business expansion with the help of our solutions.

The deciding factor in the success of e-commerce and omni-channel selling is the smooth functional interaction of all departments and processes across the business.  DiVA combines functionalities like ERP, CRM and WMS into one coherent system, working across all on- and off-line channels. Due to its high degree of automation, many processes run in the background and need no manual intervention, freeing you up to add value to your business.

Cross-discipline processes.

There are quite a few examples to illustrate the importance of modular interplay as a driver of your success: A clean item master structure benefits all parts of the business.Scorecards are defined by marketing, used by customer services, adapted via the customer lifecycle and then used again by marketing for new initiatives. Payment methods are equally key for marketing, customer services and receivables management.´DiVA gives everyone access to the same database - no redundancies, no discrepancies.

Future-prove basis. 

The functional and technological basis of DiVA comes from Microsoft.We used our industry know-how to develop it into a specialised back end platform for e-commerce and omni-channel selling. In order to meet the individual needs of our clients, we then customise this solution with a tailored set of features. The Microsoft base is a guarantee for sustainability, protecting your investment and giving you the assurance you need to be relaxed about the future, as the latest technological development are always made available as soon as possible. DiVA follows the path of technology and thus remains infinitely upgradeable.