We do complexity.

A structured project approach for guaranteed success.


Workshops & documentation.At this stage, we align the DiVA processes and standard options with your requirements. Together we decide which elements are brought across and which need to be developed or changed.


Parameter setting.All requirements that can be met through customizing will be implemented.


Realisation.Any further needs will be met by the development team. In short, reiterative cycles, we check whether the realisation meets your expectations.


Data migration.Structured data transfer of the appropriate data from your legacy system.


Integration testing.The synchronisation of all IT systems (shop, ERP, CRM, WMS and any others) is tested to ensure a smooth real-time launch. After bug fixing, the test is reiterated until all parts of the system work together reliably and without a hitch.


Key-user and end-user training.Prior to launch, all users will be trained working on the new solution.


DiVA live!Your solution starts running live - and is constantly updated.


Changing over their back end system is a little like open heart surgery for the organisation. Any mistakes made at this stage are stressful and costly, in terms of man hours and money, and tend to amplify later on in the daily course of business. This makes the right choice a deciding factor for commercial success - selecting the right provider and the best system are equally important for the future of your business. This is about more than an IT project: Deep analysis of all business processes and the creation of new sequences translates the implementation a change management process for your business, which requires attention to detail, support, precision and foresight.

With experience drawn from more than 100 successful implementations, we know how to manage the complexity that comes with e-commerce and omni-channel selling. You can rely on the effectiveness of our structured approach to project management. In order to accommodate the rate of change in the sector, we have designed the project process flexibly - over the course of the months it takes, any parametric changes can be factored in. This is achieved through combining dynamic and classic project methods - drawing on both, we have designed our own model approach, optimised for the sector.

Compared to other providers, we can keep the implementation phase relatively short: because our DiVA software solution has many features as standard and is extended on a regular basis, work intensive new developments are often just not necessary.

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