Staying the distance.

E-commerce relationships that last.


Sustainable and long-term partnerships with our clients and partners are very important to us. The e-commerce back end, namely the ERP system in mail order selling, is at the heart of any e-commerce or omni-channel business. If this system underperforms or does not run reliably, it affects business processes across the company. Issues with customer accounting, logistics or customer service can then, in turn, quickly create unhappy end-customers.

We are very aware of this responsibility and have been keeping a keen eye on the overall picture just as much as the smallest details. One good example of this is MAILplus: more than 30 years ago, this was developed as a mail order software to run on the IBM AS/400 mainframe. Constantly updated, it truly is the 'mother of all mail order solutions' in the German market. It is also the functional predecessor of DiVA. Our staff in the MAILplus department still develop market relevant functionalities with users. This made for several 'silver jubilees' with mail order clients like jpc, Gudrun Sjöden, hess Natur, Orion or the mail order house Walz.


Many of these experiences, processes and functionalities, but equally a real feel for the sector with its bulk data and high order volumes, have directly contributed to our latest DiVA solution. Some customers have also been using this same platform for more than 10 years.

The world of selling has changed significantly over the last two decades: new channels, payment methods, market places, senders and marketing ideas have come along and are still coming. We have been right in the middle of it from the start, so we know that standing still is not an option for an e-commerce IT back end. We look forward to the coming years and the exciting challenges they will bring.


Thanks to Microsoft technology, we are offering a solution which is upgradeable both in terms of function and technology: DiVA. That is why we are sure that there will be many more jubilees to celebrate with our clients.


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