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DiVA – The ERP system for e-commerce and omni-channel.


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DiVA - Success in e-commerce and Omnichannel commerce.

A smooth interaction of all departments and all processes of the company is crucial for success in e-commerce and omni-channel trade with often very high transaction numbers.

DiVA combines all functionalities of the different modules like ERP, CRM and LVS in a perfectly adjusted integrated system – covering all online and offline channels.


collana pay - All options, one connection.

collana pay is a fully integrated Dynamics 365 solution that provides multiple payment methods "out of the box". collana pay stands for a fast and cost-effective implementation of high-quality payment processes. From the shop system to the payment provider to BC. collana pay makes your payment processes future-proof.


DiVAOMS - Entry-level solution for all functionalities of order management.

DiVAOMS combines a streamlined entry-level solution for all functionalities of order management and seamlessly integrates in existing IT systems.


It can be imbedded individually in your existing system or be expanded with other modules.

Microsoft Teams - Promote collaboration and increase productivity

Work together productively. In the home office, on the road or on site: Microsoft Teams offers maximum convenience for digital collaboration. Network with colleagues, partners and customers. Share and organize news, knowledge, and tasks. Access your files securely.