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DiVA OMS - Order management for successful e-commerce.


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DiVAOMS combines all functionalities of order management and seamlessly integrates to your existing IT systems. It can be embedded individually in your existing system or be expanded with other modules.

Advantages of DiVAOMS

Designed for omnichannel.

Connect any sales channel quickly.

User friendly..

Easy technical launch with InitAssist.

Current Microsoft technologies.

Highest security standards and maximal sustainability.

Maximum cost efficiency.

Safe investment thanks to usage-dependent price models.

Seamless integration.

Seamless integration to existing IT systems.

Infinite scalability.

Unlimited scalability and guaranteed performance.

High level of automation.

Well-designed software with perfect performance.

International deployment.

Many of our customers ship worldwide from Germany. Address formats and destination country taxation included.

What is DIVAOMS?

DiVAOMS is a module from our branch-proven ERP software DiVA. It combines all functionalities of order management and as standard comes with ‘Payment Service Provider’ (PSP). It can be embedded individually in your existing system or be expanded with other modules.

Fast onboarding of all sales channels

DiVAOMS is an omnichannel order management system that quickly connects with any sales channel. Market places, shops, phone, catalogue and much more quickly connect thanks to provided standard interfaces.

Technical onboarding of users with the help of assistants

Technical launch possible with little effort thanks to initialization assistants. The OMS Role Center is streamlined, intuitive and user friendly.

Current Microsoft technology

Plan, grown, evolve – You need a sustainable platform, which can perfectly display individual customizations now and in the future. Microsoft Cloud (Azure) provides a sustainable platform that guarantees maximum flexibility and minimum risk.

Fair, usage-dependent price model

DiVAOMS operated usage-dependent and has very low investment risk. Microsoft Cloud recourses adjusts to the course of your order numbers for cost efficient operation.

Seamless integration in existing IT infrastructure

DiVAOMS automatically displays the entire order management. The system based on Microsoft Cloud easily integrated with the existing IT systems.

Infinite growth on a scalable platform

No matter if e-commerce newbie or experienced industry giant. DiVAOMS is infinitely scalable and perfectly adjusts to market changes. It displays steady growth or sales peaks with perfect performance.

Highest level of automation in the industry

Many years of experience in e-commerce and omni-channel trade with the standard software DiVA provides a system with impressive performance made possible by perfect dovetailing of the business processes.


Profit from 15 years of industry experience and grow with DiVAOMS and a safe investment in e-commerce.



»DiVAOMS is a sustainable, scalable order management system, which handles your customer orders quickly, stable and mostly automated. It seamlessly integrated to your existing IT landscape.«

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