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What is a LVS system?


A LVS system controls all internal stock movement of a company. From receiving and storing goods, to picking, replenishing and shipping, the system controls and protocols the corresponding stock movement and inventory.

What is special about e-commerce LVS systems?


In logistics, it is also about displaying mass data and controlling multiple hundreds or thousands of orders a day.

When it comes to controlling the entire logistics, many small screws optimally adjust to gain the highest possible level of automation and growth of performance. In bulk business, a small advantage can quickly lead to noticeable cost reduction and in the end decide about gain or loss of a company.

How does a e-commerce LVS system help me in practice?


The DiVALVS system developed from practical use of many shippers.

Every company’s logistics differs in location and range of goods; this means many settings for the system have need to be freely designable. This means that contact lenses can be handled completely different to fashion, baby products or bicycles.

For this reason, DiVA is working either with 1- or 2-level picking. The picking methods range from cart via conveyer to pick-by-light or combining shipments using a picking shelf at the packing station. Replenishments are automated and automatically retrieved for the respective series but a final decision about optimal packaging and sender can be made at time of dispatch. Communication and label printing for common KEP providers are part of DiVALVS as a standard.

Find more information about our LVS system

»The logistics processes are all about exact details in every little step. Every location is different, that is why we are constantly working together with our clients to discover optimization potential and include it in the system. Our clients are working with 1 or 2 step picking methods with carts or boxes and using sorting shelves at the packing stations. We offer very high flexibility when deciding about picking strategies by selection-backed picking series creation, of course regarding picking rules like single-position orders etc. This allows for trouble free dispatch of orders in the hundreds or thousands a day with DiVA.«

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