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DiVA ERP – A merchandize management system for e-commerce.


DiVA ERP Warenwirtschaftssystem

DiVAERP is a system, which is specially designed for the requirements of e-commerce and omnichannel trade. ERP systems for e-commerce have to handle large numbers of master data and transactions. Highly automated transactions and at the same time exact accounting of all business processes are crucial.

ERP – Enterprise Resource Planning


ERP – Enterprise Resource Planning describes resource management of a company. Manage the resources of all your company fields integrally by using an ERP system. The individual processes within a company determine which company fields the ERP system displays. Companies are often confronted with similar challenges and processes. This is why branch-specific ERP system have prevailed.

ERP in e-commerce and omnichannel trade


In the last years e-commerce or omnichannel trade have expanded by many sales channels. Some years ago, customers have almost exclusively orders goods via catalogue or phone. Nowadays online shops have mostly replaced the classic ordering methods and have been expanded by various sales channels. E-commerce retailers do not just focus on their own online shops but also on market places like e.g. Amazon. Retailers have integrated various online and offline channels to provide customers with a smooth shopping experience. Email newsletters, social networks or catalogues… Because communication with customers happens via various channels, sometimes simultaneously, the term ‘omni-channel trade’ has been coined.

How do my customers profit from an e-commerce ERP system?


Even the most promotionally effective online shop is not successful if customers cannot order smoothly. From items to payment methods, the complex processes have to perfectly dovetail in the backend to allow for a stable customer experience and commercial success. The ERP system has to handle these processes automatically to avoid resource consuming actions.

The industry-specific orientation of the ERP software is crucial. DiVAERP has years of experience as a merchandize management system and is optimized for e-commerce and omni-channel trade.

More information about DiVAERP


»Our DiVAERP contains all functionalities that are important for omnichannel trade and your commercial success. An ERP system for e-commerce has to meet high demands concerning system stability, performance and high automation of business processes.«

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