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DiVA Modules – OMS, ERP, CRM, LVS and POS for omnichannel trade.


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Mail-order software for e-commerce.

DiVAERP - Designed for the requirements of e-commerce and omnichannel trade.

DiVAERP is a system, which is specially designed for the requirements of e-commerce and omnichannel trade.


ERP systems for e-commerce have to handle large numbers of master data and transactions. Highly automated transactions and at the same time exact accounting of all business processes are crucial.


DiVACRM - Complete integration into the DiVA ERP processes.

DiVACRM seamlessly integrates in the DiVA ERP processes. The complete integration in the ERP allows the user to enter all data at once and directly access customers and by this initiate target group specific, marketing driven actions.


Conditions are provided for optimal and – despite an automated system – personal communication with customers.


DiVAOMS - Entry-level solution for all functionalities of order management.

DiVAOMS combines a streamlined entry-level solution for all functionalities of order management and seamlessly integrates in existing IT systems.


It can be imbedded individually in your existing system or be expanded with other modules.


DiVALVS - Warehouse management with integration of the relevant KEP service providers.

DiVALVS seamlessly connects to the ERP systems.


The integration of the relevant KEP service providers, same day delivery, picking methods customizable for the location and range of products and the highest possible degree of automation are key to the LVS solutions.


DiVAPOS - Store control with fully integrated Point of Sale solution.

Control your branch stores with our back office module DiVAPOS.


Profit from the fully integrated cash register solution to offer your customers real omni-channel concepts like ‘Click & Collect’, ordering from the branch or universal payment.


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