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The right amount of the right goods, in the right place at the right time: DiVA helps you reach those essential targets. Delight your customers with excellent availability and still avoid holding excess stock and tying up capital unnecessarily. Automated and carefully designed processes relieve you of many daily tasks, so you can spend your time on developing the right purchasing strategy for your business, such as selecting product lines and ranges. DiVA gives you the data and the tools you need to make the best decisions and manage your supply chain effectively.

Benefit from well-designed processes and modules.

Material planning.


Using the tools within DiVA, you can ascertain demand for every one of your product ranges via a largely automated process. Historical and planning sales data, discrepancies, seasonal fluctuation and expected returns are part of the equation, as well as the different delivery lead times suppliers may offer. We know what is involved in planning for textiles with a colour and size matrix, hardware which may be made in Asia, or fast-moving goods which need to be replenished quickly, as and when required. Factboxes and mini-dashboards deliver all the data you need to make the best possible ordering decisions.

Supplier management.


The link to vendors can be set up in different ways - from classic e-mail correspondence, as an EDI for bigger suppliers, or via our web-based supplier portal. Expanding your offering can be handled quickly and effectively via drop shipment. For this and any other type of order, vendors not connected via EDI can use the web-based supplier portal. From handling disposition, to a product matrix classification to identify your fast and slow movers, and all the way to displaying all relevant data at every step of the process:  we inform your decisions, enabling you to keep solid control of your stock.

Core data and order processing.


Every effective purchasing system requires correct information: high quality core data for your product lines is work intensive but essential to your success as a business. DiVA makes this easier for you through a range of functionalities: it imports vendor data with the 'data exchange' module, it can handle large scale data changes, parameter driven pricing, data synchronisation across several clients as well as providing support through mandatory field checks and default values for new systems.


Orders can be processed easily via every type of supplier link, taking into account minimum order volumes, batch delivery, several suppliers for one item, and supplier terms & conditions. External access by purchasers is possible at any time to enable new products and pre-orders to be captured directly on-site.



DiVA also supports you in controlling delivery lead times, reminders to vendors and final invoicing control. This enables access to real-time information at any time regarding resource planning for the warehouse based on delivery arrivals as well as exact arrival dates despatched customer orders. Seamless integration with CRM also means your customers are automatically informed if there are any delays in despatching their order.


»The fully integrated vendor portal enables the electronic link with many small suppliers. From data provision to the complete mapping of end-customer interactions, including delivery / invoicing documents and confirmation of goods being despatched, the portal allows comprehensive supply management. You would like to offer your customers 24-hour delivery for the drop shipment part of your business?  DiVA makes it possible!«

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