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Thanks to the integrated solution, your commercial success is fully transparent and you can spot new trends early on. The stable IT platform supports all your business processes, giving you time and thinking space to explore new commercial opportunities - for which DiVA is ready when you are. DiVA combines 20 years' experience with the requirements of many successful internet pure players and omni-channel sellers with very diverse product ranges, assuring you that the implemented processes are well designed, tried and tested.

DiVA and MAC - a decision based on IT priorities.



All important facts & figures at a glance: via a specially designed dashboard you get all the information you need to keep on track for successful business development.



DIVA is also your support for business growth. Set up to handle omnichannel selling, it enables you to open up new sales channels quickly - no matter whether you are moving from bricks & mortar branches into digital channels or just want to try out new market places. Even international markets can be accessed instantly. As it is highly scaleable, DiVA sets no limits for your growth. The ERP will handle daily order numbers of several 10,000s easily, with room to scale up as required.

Process automation & security.


Many detailed elements have to be calibrated to cater efficiently for the daily needs of high transaction volume businesses. This is why maximum automation plays such an important role for all processes within DiVA - with no loss in precision or quality. This saves many manual steps across a range of processes and is reflected positively in your margin.

Future proof.


The Microsoft platform and high releasability make DiVA a future proof choice. You are selecting a system which grows with you, continues to develop - all the time. New releases guarantee sustainable functionality, as we continuously expand the standards of the software base.



In order to give you maximum support, we are more than happy to take on your entire IT operations for you. This means you have access to the latest solutions without any significant hardware investment - with 24/7 support at hand.


»In e-commerce and omnichannel, we see the whole picture and keep an eye on the detail. Our clients trust DiVA's capabilities - and us, as their IT solutions partner with many years' experience in the sector. Talk to us, we look forward to understanding your requirements.«

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