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Logistics is all about efficiency, precision, order, the intelligent grouping of many single manual tasks and a maximised degree of automation. It is a key driver of profit margins through the achievable cost efficiencies. DiVA increases your profits through many small adjustments along the logistics chain. In logistics, many small elements needs to be calibrated perfectly to add up to a significant performance improvement in the end.

Benefit from well-designed processes and modules.

Warehousing structure.


The storage structure within DiVA accounts for different warehousing areas like main and reserve storage, replenishing and fulfilment, and can function as chaotic storage with zone and storage area allocations. DiVA uses radio-controlled MDC for almost every step in the process to enable realtime data access for improved usability. Successfully validated customer orders are available minutes after release by the ERP system for further logistic processing in the webshop or call centre. Now the right balance between customer service and profit optimisation has to be found.

Goods in.


Depending on your warehousing structure, you can select a one- or two-step process. In either case, we guarantee the efficient and correct intake of goods, including a match with the corresponding prior vendor order to enable invoicing and vendor monitoring at a later stage. Utilising this for more great customer service, you can trigger fulfilment of customer back-orders directly from here. If so desired, the system can propose storage in a chaotic warehousing structure based on ABC-XML analysis. And as soon as you have married an item to its storage location, it will be available to customer services and in the shop.



The parameter settings within DiVA are very diverse, so they work for your unique logistics: fulfil in a one- or two-step process, using trolleys, crates or boxes, or a sorting shelf - with picking labels, invoices or machine logged data. A very important success factor is the timely and accurate replenishment for the fulfilment series being processed - this enables fast and path-optimized fulfilment of customer orders. Products themselves can be classified via ABC-XML analysis and thus treated as logistically separate entities. The products' geo-data enables the system to suggest optimal storage locations or automated packaging assessments.



Scanner supported exit controls at the packing tables ensure higher customer satisfaction and avoid unnecessary returns. Packaging can be optimised and the most cost effective shipping solution found. The large carriers like DHL, DPD and Hermes are already integrated into the system, making middleware unnecessary to establish a link. DiVA is equally well prepared for you international business - many of our clients send their goods from Germany to destinations all over the world. 24-hour or same-day delivery are a standard requirement within DiVA logistics.

»Efficient warehousing requires precision in every detail and as every set-up is different, we are constantly working with our clients to discover ways to optimise their specific storage and implement the relevant system changes to support this. Our clients work with one- and two-step fulfilment processes, using trolleys or crates and sorting shelves at the packing tables. In these scenarios, DiVA offers a high degree of flexibility in defining fulfilment strategies based on product selections (forming logical groups) and following fundamental rules like those for single product orders. DiVA makes it possible to process many thousands or even 10,000s of orders a day.«

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