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Data transparency at the press of a button: DiVA's fully integrated accounting functionality gives you a real-time overview of your business, any time. Reliable data makes for safe investment decisions - based on all emerging trends. And you can rely on precision and efficiency when it comes to the high transactional volumes of managing receivables.

Benefit from well-designed processes and modules.

Financial accounting.


With DiVA, you can be sure that your regulatory reporting is on point: the integrated accounting package by Microsoft Dynamics is tested, certified and meets all standards of regulatory book keeping. Issues like standardised account plans, balances, profit & loss, BAS, Intrastat, digital auditing, VAT via Elster, summary statements, or annual or monthly reports are represented accurately. Rules of taxation for destination and origin countries are available within the system to cater for your international business. The complex client structure of the solution allows you to represent several separate business entities in one system, connecting them via inter-company bookings.

Customer management.


Payment transactions in bulk business are a special challenge for IT solutions. On the one hand, many different payment methods have to be available to build customer loyalty and increase likelihood of purchase. On the other, all payment methods have to be processed correctly and as automatically as possible to maximise efficiencies. DiVA's e-bank module reads account details automatically, allocates unpaid invoices and balances customer accounts. For customer accounts, you can instantly see outstanding demands, obligations and payments, all of which can be posted in foreign or client currency. Use the integrated credit checks or external agencies like arvato infoscore or Deltavista to check credit history.



MAC Paygate enables secure payment transactions and offers automated processing of all payment options. The direct link to PSPs (payment service providers) allows you to coordinate payment streams and refund returns automatically via the selected payment method. MAC Paygate has a wide range of solutions for fraud prevention. Fraudulent actions and losses of payment can be reduced to an absolute minimum. We work closely with our clients to achieve optimal results and adapt all features to match their individual needs. Talk to us: it is highly likely that your preferred PSP or acquirer is already on the system.



Reminders can be fully automated and managed parametrically. You define reminder periods, number of reminders sent, text elements and fees. These can be managed by customer or customer group. Dovetailing the processes means you can automatically set and delete blocks on deliveries. In reverse, you can also stop reminders going out. You can also send reminders by e-mail to trigger faster payments.


»MAC Paygate makes it easy to expand into new markets and distribution channels. The appropriate  payment methods are an important success factor if you want to expand your business. MAC Paygate lets you benefit from a wide choice of local and international payment methods, which can be integrated easily via one interface.«

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