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In the times of Google, Amazon and price comparison shopping sites, excellent service is a prime selection driver for your customers' buying decisions. DiVA helps you to win over customers through relevant and personal communications. Score points with competent and fast query resolution over the phone, and proactive information via newsletter and service mails. Intelligent features help you maintain an overview of your business:  you will keep control of all customer orders and requests to be processed, as well as the specific information on every individual customer.

Benefit from well-designed processes and modules.

360° view of the customer.


DiVA lets you access records of all interactions with a given customer at any time. You can instantly see orders, despatches, backorders, track-and-trace information, invoices and receivable accounts. Connecting via CTI means calling up a customer also brings up all their information on screen. In order to enable quick, in-call classification of the customer, our RFMR scoring systems instantly show which segment (high value buyer, high frequency returns sender, etc.) the customer belongs to. This data can also be used for an online shop, for example to pre-select only suitable payment options for a customer.

Order management.


We aim to make your work easier:  every verified order can be fulfilled directly, so DiVA checks the detail:  Is the postal address format correct?  Is the customer creditworthy?  Is the item available?  Are there others on back-order?  Every order that does not pass muster is automatically transferred to your team for further processing. User-friendly dashboards display current ticket volumes and the order pool - including the reasons for additional processing requirements. You can decide what these are:  You wish to authorise orders for a given address manually?  No problem - consider it done. All relevant payment methods and PSPs are already integrated.

Customer communications.


Communicate with your customers in their favourite ways. The integrated e-mail client takes care of fully automated status e-mails, from 'thank you for your order', to 'your parcel just left our warehouse - here is your track & trace reference'. The CTI integration ensures that all relevant customer information is available on-screen the moment a customer makes a call. The integrated chat function allows you to interact with your customers directly and in real-time. Documents can be exchanged quickly, too: you could use images of defective goods received via chat to create a service ticket then and there - or send requested receipts or product information to the customer.

Ticketing system.


Your customer is kept completely up-to-date on the status of his order via auto-e-mails, set to your requirements. He/she can look at his order in his/her customer account and make changes if the status permits. Customer enquiries or returns / complaints can be processed via the ticketing system - effectively, systematically and with full transparency. Your agents do not have to work in several systems anymore, but can remain in the one system thanks to dovetailing CRM and ERP. Incoming e-mails are automatically logged for the correct customer account and can be answered directly by the system, using standard blocks of text.

»Since implementing the fully integrated ticketing system, many of our customers could significantly speed up throughput for customer services. They can be sure that incoming e-mails are automatically attributed to the right customer account, and monitor reaction times. An agent who can access all relevant information from the ERP and CRM systems can be a lot more effective in communicating with the customer and thus even turn a complaint much more easily into a positive experience for them.«

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