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The heads behind the omni-channel solutions.


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We apply ourselves passionately to our work because e-commerce and omni-channel selling is more than a job to us. We push for the best solutions for you, and if that means leaving our comfort zone, so much the better. We can breathe life into new ideas quickly and effectively because we have chosen a flat organisational structure. In our daily work, we value an environment in which our people are happy and ideas can grow and cross-fertilise. We treat each other and our clients with respect, consideration and a sense of responsibility.

Individualists & experts.

Your team for e-commerce and omni-channel.

Foto Nicole Wehner
Nicole Wehner,

Nicole heads up our sales & marketing at MAC with a lot of creativity and commitment, linking pragmatism with a sunny nature.


»Our focus? 100% e-commerce and omni-channel, professional project implementation, and a passion for excellent, long-standing client relationships.«

Foto Corinna Horn
Corinna Horn,
Head of MAILplus

Corinna is a passionate disciplinarian and leads the MAILplus team. She actively builds long-term client relationships.


»Our MAILplus team is the incubator of all the mail order experience generated at MAC since Day 1. We are proud that we have been able to celebrate a silver jubilee with many of our clients.«


Foto Dennis Peper
Dennis Peper,
Head of Support

Dennis leads the support team with great enthusiasm and a sense of sportsmanship - as becomes a football trainer.


»Our team supports your daily business processes. We work together to optimise communication and co-operation with our clients continuously.«

Foto Jens Milanese
Jens Milanese,
Business Evangelist

Jens has been with us for over 20 years, so he has seen pretty everything in terms of projects and requirements. This expertise help him to guide projects through the tricky patches into the right direction.


»You can learn from the past - but the most important thing is to remain open to new ideas and technologies, to bring together the best of all worlds for an optimal solution.«

Foto Oliver Bartl
Oliver Bartl,
Head of Cloud Services

Oliver does not have his head in the clouds: he has both feet firmly on the ground when it comes to leading his Cloud team, but he is always full of enthusiasm for new ideas and technologies and has a great sense of humour.


»I love new technologies and ways of doing things - also, to be the first to go down a new path. As a Cloud solutions provider, we can draw on the full range of Microsoft technologies for developing our customer solutions


Foto Jan-Hendrik Maslowski
Jan-Hendrik Maslowski,
Human Resources Manager

Jan-Hendrik is our point of contact for all human resources issues and keeps opening up new ways of looking at methods and perspectives for us.


»For me, creating links with universities and representatives of digital commerce in the North is very important for getting new inspiration and meeting potential colleagues.«

Foto Niels Lorenz
Niels Lorenz,
Consultant Finance

With his reasonable, calm and diligent manner, Niels brings stability to every project he works on. His colleagues say about him: "With Niels, you can win wars.


»In accounting, it's not about fast, pretty or creative. Here, I am looking for precision, practicality and effective synchronicity.«

Foto Dirk Wieland
Dirk Wieland,
CEO, Managing Partner

Dirk looks after all operational concerns around projects, finance and administration. He keeps the big picture in mind and is (almost) always very cheerful.


»IT is an integral part of your business strategy. We know that you can only expand your business effectively if we are a reliable partner. A responsibility which we love to take on.«

Foto Hannes Müller
Hannes Müller,
Director Customer & Projects

Hannes supports the project teams, drawing on his tremendous experience of implementing large IT projects. So he will always be able to sort out project priorities.


»When implementing a project in an ERP environment, you have to keep an eye on many small details, yet never lose sight of the big picture - this relies to a great extent on the ability to set the right priorities.«

Foto Aida Dia
Aida Dia,
Head of Project Management

Aida runs our project management team from Hamburg and always manages to find the right way forward with her reasonable and friendly approach.


»My hands-on experience as a project manager for implementing DiVA on the client side helps me to keep the client perspective in mind when approaching a new implementation with MAC.«

Foto Stefan Feldmann
Stefan Feldmann,
Director Infrastructure & ­Solutions

As our long-standing authorized representative, Stefan takes a very structured approach to his responsibility for the smooth running of MAC's internal infrastructure and in-house IT.


»Honesty, dependability and sustainability are my personal guiding principles.«


Foto Dirk Petersen
Dirk Petersen,
Director Development & Innovation

As the 'father' of DiVA, Dirk still stands for new product ideas and technological innovation, which he drives forward with much enthusiasm and commitment.


»My goal? To offer our clients the best possible back end platform, both in terms of functionality and future-proof technology.«


Foto Jörn Fischer
Jörn Fischer,
Head of Key-Account-Management

He first joined MAC as a working student. Now, Jörn shapes our core client management with his competent and friendly approach.


»My focus? Work together to find the best solution for all concerned - and never stop smiling.«


Foto Martin Molzen
Martin Molzen,

Martin has proven his reliability, creativity and diligence in many successful, large-scale client projects.


»My priority is working in partnership with the client on every project - and take them to a successful conclusion, together with a team that enjoys working with determination towards a common goal.«