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Here you can find a selection of the awards that MAC has won over the past few years. Awards are always both recognition and motivation - recognition of our past performance but also a driver to keep going and do even better.

Top SME Awards


The Top SME award (a prize for the best medium sized businesses in Germany) is an annual competition which judges companies not only on their overall commercial success, but also on the contribution they make to society. The prize is awarded by the Oscar-Petzelt-Foundation and is one of the most prestigious and desirable business awards in Germany.

MAC IT-Solutions GmbH took part in the event for the first time in 2016 and immediately achieved the highest possible result for a first timer: we were nominated 'Finalist' in the competition. This meant succeeding against 136 other contestants in Schleswig-Holstein. For 2017, MAC was nominated again. The decision over a potential qualification will be made in Q2 of 2017.

Achievement: Finalist in 2016

ERP System of the Year


Once a year, the 'Center for Enterprise Research' (CER) awards their renowned prize for the (best) 'ERP system of the Year'. The aim of the competition is to evaluate ERP systems objectively and add observations beyond pure functionality, to support users in making the right decision for their business.

The evaluation is based on seven criteria::
1. Implementation approach
2. Customer communication & sales and marketing
3. Research & development
4. Actual user benefit
5. Sector suitability through tailored functionality
6. Ergonomics
7. Technology & scope for integration

In 2015, MAC IT-Solutions GmbH convinced the judges that their ERP system was better than 70 other candidates to win in the category 'on-line selling'.

2015: ERP System of the Year, category: On-line selling


In parallel to the 'Finalist' achievement, MAC also qualified for the 'Wirtschaftsmagnet 2017' award.

This 'seal of approval' awarded by Wirtschaftsmagnet GmbH in partnership with the Oskar-Petzelt-Foundation honours companies with holistic and sustainable governance, delivering consistent commercial success. The quality seal is awarded to those who can prove success in seven areas, aligned with the five categories of the 'Top SME Awards', but focusing especially on stakeholder values.

Award of the 'Wirtschaftsmagnet' seal of approval in 2017

Medium-sized Business Initiative


The interest group 'Initiative Mittelstand' (business initiative for medium sized businesses) has been awarding their 'IT Innovation Prize' since 2004. It recognizes the most innovative IT solutions and products designed for medium sized businesses.

The award is intended to encourage companies to develop and realise new IT solutions which are then made accessible to anyone interested, true to the group's motto: 'We Share Innovation'. The evaluation looks at submissions in terms of innovative content, user benefit and suitability for medium sized businesses.

MAC IT-Solutions GmbH has been amongst the best providers of sector-specific IT solutions for medium sized businesses for many years.

Member of the Top IT list for sector specific software since 2012



The OPEN COMPANY award by kununu is the add-on to their TOP COMPANY certificate of approval.

Companies permitted to use the OPEN COMPANY certificate show approachability and are proactive and appreciative in dealing with the kununu review categories (such as calling up evaluations, response functionality and/or company presentation).

The OPEN COMPANY status is a recognition that reflects current status - it has to be earned continuously. Failure to do so, such as changes for the worse in the workplace, for instance, can lead to the certificate being revoked.



The TOP COMPANY certificate by kununu recognizes great employers, succeeding in a series of evaluation criteria.

kununu stands for authentic, tough employee feedback on a number of criteria. Evaluations are anonymous and based on a points system. Status is calculated purely based on the points achieved. TOP COMPANY employers are those who genuinely care for the well-being of their staff.

Being a certified TOP COMPANY means continuously working to remain the kind of employer meriting this kind of status. A decline in the quality of the workplace, for instance, could  lead to the certificate being revoked.