Seeing the big picture.


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MAC has been a driver of IT support to mail order companies right from the start, moving into a new dimension with the rise of e-commerce. This results in a constantly updated, comprehensive and sustainable body of knowledge. We are strongly service focused and see the big picture right alongside the smallest detail. And we know the specific challenges of different forms of selling as well as the possibilities offered by modern technology for serving them.
A combination unique in this market - and the ideal foundation for solutions and sales channels working perfectly, and perfectly together.

Making expansion manageable.

A strong team by your side.

In an increasingly complex and constantly changing market, a great IT system is a key driver of success for you as a mail order seller.

We offer your company a stable and largely automated IT platform for turning your ideas into system functionality, giving you space to focus on growing your business.

Our team of 100 people offers advisers, developers, problem finders and solvers, trainers, supporters, or just someone to bounce off ideas. We have been at the side of mail order and distance sellers for many years, and we are proud of the long-standing partnerships we have with our clients. One expression of this is the annual User Meeting, with clients from all sectors taking part to discuss new strategies and developments in a setting which also offers excellent networking opportunities.

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On course for success.

Five stages of co-operation.


For every project, we go on a journey with you. As a team, we will lead the project to reach the agreed destination.


You are successful because you are mobile. We support your development with future-proof or releasable solutions.


Smooth implementation, ongoing adaptation to new operational requirements without disrupting daily business - we secure your processes.


Your customers make increasing demands - we help you to meet them.

Home port.

As a specialist for e-commerce and omni-channel selling with over 20 years' experience, we understand you and your daily challenges.