Balancing family and professional life.


She has been with us since 2010 - with a 14 month interruption for the best of reasons: Gesa had her second child and took maternity leave. Coming back to work was no problem at all: she started with 20 hours across four days and is now doing a little more - and she manages to keep a healthy balance between her personal and professional life thanks to flexible working arrangements.


What is your daily work?

As a consultant, I am involved in development, adaptations, customer care and trouble shooting. At the moment, I am working on interfaces and data migration. A big topic for me is pricing, but I also find credit checks and scoring methods very interesting.


Do you have a particular working hour arrangement?

Since I have come back from maternity leave, I have been working part time - 26 hours a week since January 2013. I am able to work from home, but I do try to spend my working hours in the office as much as possible.


What do you number among your strengths?

My ambition and my perseverance. When I get a (difficult) task, I will not leave it alone until I have found a solution.


What do you enjoy most in your job?

When I start grasping things that looked really difficult to begin with. And it is even more fun when the programming you have done as part of this works well.


What is happiness related to your job at MAC?

I was lucky enough to find a company it is really good to work for. I have great colleagues, we work together brilliantly and we have a good laugh as well. Also, I am lucky that so much was made possible for me here - when it comes to taking maternity leave and time to be with my kids, MAC has always been very accommodating.


What was your probationary period like?

Like all 'newbies', they sent me on three training courses (Finance, Dev I and Dev II), which all finish with a certificate. Then I had the opportunity to spend a week with a client ('Live Week') to see DiVA in action first hand. When I started feeling like I could do something productive, I was given my first simple task bundles. I was told repeatedly that I should always ask if I had questions, that everyone would do their best to help me - and that is exactly how it was. All my colleagues took the time to answer my questions and helped me get to know DiVA really well.


What is the greatest memory you have so far of working at MAC?

My wedding. It was fantastic when I saw half of the staff outside the registry office.


What makes MAC a different kind of employer?

They do a lot to keep people happy. This creates a really good working atmosphere. Also, they appreciate your work and you get a lot of positive feedback.


Do you have a personal connection with northern Germany or Flensburg?

I come from Nordfriesland (the northern West coast - 'North Friesia') and moved to Flensburg to study, ending up there for 10 years. I then moved to Glücksburg. I grew up in a village with around 1,000 inhabitants and my parents spoke 'Plattdeutsch' (an old German dialect) with us when we were kids - I now speak it with my children. As they are growing up in Flensburg/Glücksburg, they don't normally hear any 'Platt', but they can understand it - even if they speak standard 'high' German. But they do go to a Danish school, so they are learning that language there. What makes Nordfriesland special is the people. It is often said that we are stubborn, silent and withdrawn, but once you get to know us you quickly realize that we are warm-hearted, honest people with a great sense of humour. I for one am proud to be a 'North Friesian' and always enjoy my visits back home. ;)


What do you like most about Flensburg and its surroundings?

Flensburg has a very relaxed, easy-going mentality. And it is very important to me to live near water!


What makes you laugh?

Most of all, I laugh with my children. Although sometimes, I do laugh at them, too.


What are you most proud of?

I am proud of my children. And that I can reconcile my family and my job.