Applied mathematics.


After completing her studies in applied mathematics, Henrieke started at MAC (in April 2012). As a developer, she has since had ample opportunity to put her knowledge into practice. She is particularly keen on her specialist area: logistics, which requires precision, focus on the details and strong analysis skills. Henrieke has both, and a cheerful and open personality to boot, making her a pleasure to work with for colleagues and clients alike.

What do you do at MAC?


I am a technical consultant for DiVA. My main responsibility is programming for the logistics module. I also support workshops with new and existing clients, and I am part of the early concept design phase as well. This includes product implementation, mainly in warehousing. Last but not least, I work with my colleagues in the area of client support for our existing client base.


You studied applied mathematics at the Flensburg polytechnic (FH Flensburg). What exactly is that?

The boundaries between applied and pure mathematics are fuzzy. Fundamentally, applied mathematics uses established methods to address known problems, and it also develops new approaches for solving problems from other areas, such as commerce or IT. These can be optimisation problems, for instance: when an item is supposed to be picked for order fulfilment, the picker needs to take the shortest / most efficient route to its location. Overall, we looked at a very broad spectrum of issues.


Where is the overlap between your studies and your job at MAC?

The overlap between my studies and my work at MAC is mainly in programming. But otherwise, there is a world of difference between the polytechnic and actually working on live projects - the depth of the detail discussed at MAC, for one. During my course, we could really only scratch the surface.


What do you enjoy most in your job at MAC?

What I love best is the variety of the tasks at MAC. You don't just sit at your computer programming away day in, day out. I have direct contact with clients, and there are always new challenges to take on.


What makes you happy, relating to your work at MAC?

A great working atmosphere and being able to learn by doing.


What was your probationary period like?

I found my way into Microsoft Dynamics NAV via explanations and training tasks from the teaching materials, which I then replicated with a practice client. During that time, I was given small DiVA related tasks of my own to do. Every new employee is given a tutor for helping them get into DiVA. This is your main point of contact if you have questions and he/she helps you find answers to your problems. I am very interested in logistics. In order to get stuck into the detail of it, I was given the opportunity to take part in several client workshops. Following these meetings, I could play a part in developing concepts reflecting the outcome from each workhop. That gave me the chance to understand many processes and the way they are linked in a lot more depth. Getting into programming took the form of many small tasks to familiarise myself. Again, I could always ask questions and my colleagues would help me find the answers. I cannot stress enough how much MAC invests in our training and development.


What makes MAC a good company to work for?

MAC stands out because of the great, relaxed working atmosphere and their flexibility as an employer.


Do you have a personal connection with Northern Germany / Flensburg?

I studied in Flensburg and really like it here. Flensburg itself is very warm and welcoming.


What do you like most about Flensburg and the surrounding area?

The leisurely pace, this is not a big city. You can live in town and still feel like you are in the country side. And I don't like being too far away from the water.