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100 heads, one Goal:

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A career at MAC. Dynamic. Goal focused. As a team. In our team in Flensburg and Hamburg, a lot of things come together:  100 people with deep know-how in IT and mail order, experts with years of experience and a bunch of young digital natives who bring fresh ideas to the table; a clear understanding of the overall process alongside careful attention to detail; individual strengths and playing as a team; competence and creativity - everything you need to implement your new back end IT for e-commerce and multi-channel.

Dynamic, goal focused, as a team: these qualities are a high priority at MAC and they are lived by our people every day. What makes this possible is a workplace that offers you opportunities for growth and development - exactly what we offer at MAC.

We are always on the lookout for committed team-players looking for a new challenge. On the following pages, we tell you a little more about MAC as an employer, the staff and our beautiful location.



We want our staff to be happy and able to develop and grow with us. A good work-life balance is an important part of our culture, which is built on fairness and a relaxed way of dealing with each other.

Following our principle that 'time at work is part of your life', we make an effort to create a pleasant company environment. Ergonomically designed work stations and flexible working hours are as much a part of this as a whole range of other "treats".

And last but not least - we live where others come for a holiday. Get a feel for beautiful Flensburg here...




Our service for our employees:


Flexible working arrangements

At MAC, we understand that everyone has different needs, so we offer a variety of working hour schemes, including flexi-time, part-time and home office. Our staff may also take sabbaticals on prior arrangement.


Childcare support

We support our staff actively in looking for appropriate childcare facilities. We subsidise places for our employees' children in the local kindergarden 'Kiwi'. Should there be no demand for all the subsidised places amongst our employees, these are allocated to young families from the region to help them get back into work.


Exercise and fitness

Physical exercise is a big thing at MAC. There are many activities organised after work by our employees, such as cross-fit, and all our staff can join a local fitness centre at subsidised rates. Of course, none of these are obligatory - but there are always new courses and activities offered by and for MAC members.


Massage & Back pain prevention

Four days a week, our staff can book a 30-minute massage with our in-house massage therapist. Pure relaxation! And should you get more persistent back problems, we have a partnership with a local physiotherapy practice specialising in spinal problems, where a trained chiropractitioner will look after you.


Company activities & parties

Company trips and parties are equally on the agenda. The quarterly department meetings, grill parties, or highlights like our big summer event are great favourites with our staff and always well attended. A great break from your working routine and a good opportunity to talk and learn more about each other outside of work.



Work is life-time, too. We see it as essential that there is a good balance between work and private life. A healthy equilibrium keeps everyone motivated and thus enables our company to be more successful.



Our health is very precious and must be protected and we make no difference here between physical and mental health. So next to back pain prevention, massage and a range of sports activities, we also offer services like independent psychological support to prevent stress-induced health problems, for example.


Leisure time

Work where others come for a holiday - surrounded by water and green spaces! Flensburg is a city with plenty of tradition and a strong Scandinavian connection, a university city with a rich cultural life and a wide range of leisure activities. Situated 'between the seas' (Baltic and North), there are many water sports like swimming, sailing, wind-surfing, kiting, diving, canoeing and more.


An ergonomic workplace

Our work stations are ergonomically designed and updated every three years. Your neck and back will thank you for it! And if you need to relax, you can use one of the Fatboy beanbags or hammocks which we have placed throughout the building.


Company pension scheme

When it comes to retirement, our staff and we can rest easy with our MAC pension fund, because it is invested sustainably and socially responsibly. Arms trading and child labour are not supported by any part of the fund.