Perfect synergy.

DiVA brings all channels together seamlessly.


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Future proofing.

The ERP system for successful e-commerce.


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Exactly what you need.

DiVA. The all-channel solution.


Slidergrafik DiVA

Perfect synergy.

DiVA brings all channels together seamlessly.


Slidergrafik Aida und Lars
+++ Informiere Dich jetzt in unserem Karriereportal. +++ Informiere Dich jetzt in unserem Karriereportal. +++ Informiere Dich jetzt in unserem Karriereportal.

The specialists.

To get to the top, you have to be focussed.

Your IT partner for e-commerce and omnichannel selling.

New market places, new payment methods, high speed acceleration of mobile share, demand for fast deliveries (ideally same-day) as well as cross-channel hybrids like Click & Collect: customer expectations around e-commerce and omni-channel grow all the time, making your business increasingly complex. This, in turn, puts pressure on the back end IT which has to deliver what you need to meet these challenges.


As a specialist focussed entirely on e-commerce and omni-channel, we are truly in tune with the dynamic evolution and complexity of your business. We keep a close eye on markets and technologies and constantly re-evaluate and improve our solutions, processes and ways of working. This is the solid foundation for our solutions - which help you stay ahead.

Stability, flexibility and performance delivery have made our solutions the benchmark of the sector. In the face of constant change, we emphasise the releasability of our IT systems: you just have to make the right choice once - and you're set for the future.


It comes as no suprise that so many customers have been trusting us and our solutions for so many years. Leaders in the sector like dress-for-less and could realise above average growth and international business expansion with the help of our solutions.


Wherever the future may lead you and your business: With us by your side, you'll reach your goals.

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DiVA – The ERP system for e-commerce and omnichannel.


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Sustainably upgradeable Microsoft platforms.


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We help you reach your goals.



One partner for everything.

IT solutions for all product types and channels.

Whether you are a start-up aiming for the top, a hidden champion or a market leader seeking to expand his position: we are your trusted partner along the path of your success, as evidenced by the many testimonial from our clients of the last 20 years. We have clients from many different sectors, because our solutions are capable of handling very different product categories.


Something that makes us particularly proud is the strength of our client relationships.


One expression of this is the annual User Meeting, a two-day opportunity to network and discuss new strategies and developments. Experts offer insights on current sector issues and future trends on the horizon. Two days which give all participants valuable input for their own businesses.


A positive side effect of our strong partnership with our clients: Many recommend us to their peers.

»At the end of the day, it is all about precision. ERP and CRM solutions are highly complex constructs, in which every detail has to be perfectly calibrated. Making this complexity controllable in the dynamic markets of today and tomorrow: that is what we stand for with our team and our solutions.«


Nicole Wehner (CMO), Dirk Wieland (CEO)

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